Reginald Salsbury Jehosophat Jones III

Reggie is a nine foot tall ogre. He is blue, which is very unusual for an ogre, and better behaved than most ogres, probably as a result of having been raised by monks, in particular, his sifu. His unusually deep voice is almost uncomfortable to listen to, as it feels like it is vibrating the listener’s lungs.

Reggie is a very capable martial artist. He routinely fights against armed opponents without using any melee weapons. Each day, he engages in special hung gar rituals to create a protective field of chi around himself, anchor him to the earth, and make his body strong.

Reggie likes to drink, but in addition, he has shown an aptitude for brewing. So far, he has just given other brewers a hand, but he has an odd facility with liquids, and follows instructions carefully. He is currently making his own hard apple cider. Reggie always wears a 15 gallon barrel slung on his back, as full of beer as he can afford.

Reggie regards his sifu as nearly a god. He quotes sifu almost every time he wants to persuade someone, although the quotations he offers vary from inscrutable to nonsensical. Reggie is currently walking the earth, getting adventures and stuff.

Reggie is bilingual, speaking both Common and accented Goblin.

Reginald Salsbury Jehosophat Jones III

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