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  • King Brandin

    Brandin Moor

    King Brandin is the ruler of [[Salish]]. He is a powerful wizard, and defeated the [[Necromancer]], ending the [[Undead Apocalypse]].

    Brandin's Titles

    Emperor of the 35 Domains, Lord Protector of the Stormy Coast, Seven …

  • Necromancer

    The Necromancer was a powerful magic user who was responsible for the [[Undead Apocalypse]]. He lived to the southeast of [[Salish]]. The Necromancer was defeated 20 years before the events of the campaign by [[King Brandin]].

  • Elaine Leda

    Elaine is the daughter of [[Paul Leda]](deceased), the former ruler of the [[Domain]] now called [[Forks]]. It was once called [[Leda]], but [[King Brandin]] removed the family from rule in Leda and renamed the Domain after Paul's resistance to the …

  • Sir Henry Hemmingsworth

    Father to [[Humphrey Hemmingsworth|Humphrey]] and [[Grizena Hemmingsworth|Grizena]], Sir Hemmingsworth is an older (and these days a distinctly eccentric) knight in service to [[Domin Kutanei]]. Though nearly 60 years old, he is still fit and vigorous.

  • Cro Callos

    Cro Callos is the Bailiff of the Broder's Outer Bailey. He is paid by the community to be its defender and to keep the peace. He was asked to assume this role by [[Josk Blackmun]] when the community growing around [[Broder Keep|Broder]] became too large …

  • Josk Blackmun

    Josk Blackmun is the Castellan of Broder Keep. He is charged by the king with command of a detachment of soldiers and repair and maintenance of the castle and fortifications.

  • Percival Strouth

    Percival Strouth is the oldest child of the Strouth family, homesteaders with a farm cut into the woods near Broder. Percival hopes to leave the farm and see the world one day, becoming an adventurer. Percival is a brave and steady young man. When [[ …

  • Simiobold Holt

    Simiobold is a magic user. He has the ability to cast Fireball and Summon Demons. He is involved in, and possibly responsible for, the [[Cult of Cirss]].

  • Maki

    Maki is a kappa. He lives in a stream a bit east of [[Haven]]. Maki has become friends with [[Sydney Swan]]. Sydney once refilled the depression on Maki's head, which saved him from paralysis. Periodically, Sydney feeds Maki heads, from which Maki …

  • Murray Pegs

    Murray is the sole survivor of [[Haven]], a village destroyed by marauders capturing sacrificial victims for the [[Cult of Cirss|Church of Death]]. He is now apprenticed to [[Declay]], a traveling merchant.

  • Sodora Mjellmë

    Sodora Mjellmë is the name of the queen of [[Salish]]. Her marriage to [[King Brandin]] helped seal the treaties that ended conflict between the Domains of Salish and form Salish.

  • Honus Honusson

    Honus Honusson is the Honus of his people ([[the Honus]]). Honus's title is inherited from his father, along with his name. The tribe is from [[Red Mountain]]. They are a fiercely independent people, and although they have never been brought into the …

  • Gimligan Brice

    [[:gimligan-brice | Gimligan Brice]] is a sergeant at Broder Keep. Reggie hired him to accompany Finn and Reggie on an expedition to the Labyrith in Bale Valley. Gimligan has a reputation for being solid and reliable, but when the team entered the …

  • Noh Fisher

    [[:noh-fisher | Noh Fisher]]is a soldier at Broder Keep. When Reggie and Finn investigate the Labyrinth, Reggie hired her to accompany them. Noh is a proficient archer. She seemed most interested in getting paid and sharing in treasure the team …

  • Lief Pointer

    Lief is a half-elf soldier at Broder. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and acts as if he has something to prove. Reggie hired him for the excursion that Finn and Reggie took into the Labyrinth. Lief was overcome by terror in the Labyrinth and …

  • Peekaboo

    I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day Spread my wings and fly away I believe I can soar See me flying of out that cave door! I believe I can fly I believe I can fly I believe I can fly