Broder Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild of Broder is a mutual aid institution chartered to expand trade in Broder. Membership is by invitation, and the Guild dues are 5gp per month.

The President of the Merchant Guild is Harnost Lambingi. He is aided by Treasurer Geoff Mason and Secretary Owe Guffin.

The Guild offers business insurance to members, at a rate of 4gp per month. The insurance promises to rebuild businesses that are destroyed and replace lost inventory. Policy holders are subject to monthly audits by Guild officers.

Businesses that are Merchant Guild members

Broder Mercantile Exchange, Harnost Lambingi, proprietor
Broder General Store and Hardware, Darvus, proprietor
Bank of Broder, Geoff Mason, president
Broder Bakery
Guffin Carpentry and Wright, Owe Guffin, proprietor
Guffin Blacksmith, Mack Guffin, proprietor
Broder Inn, Bravol, proprietor
The Tipsy Mermaid, Havlom Prince, proprietor

Broder Merchant Guild

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