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  • Lilluet

    Lilluet is a [[Domain]] north of [[Shayfrim]] and west of [[Pentlach]]. It is bordered to the west by [[Kutanei]], and to the north by [[Kinbasset]] and [[Forks]].

  • Domain

    A Domain is an area controlled by one of the [[Old Kings]], the rulers that [[King Brandin]] united during the [[Undead Apocalypse]]. They were once kingdoms in their own right, but are now regions administered by a [[Domin]], a person who was once the …

  • Old Kings

    There were once 35 kings in the land that [[King Brandin]] united as the [[Salish|Kingdom of Salish]]. The scions of these royal families are now each a [[Domin]], Brandin's name for the nobility one rank beneath him. Some of the Old Kings were replaced …

  • King Brandin

    Brandin Moor

    King Brandin is the ruler of [[Salish]]. He is a powerful wizard, and defeated the [[Necromancer]], ending the [[Undead Apocalypse]].

    Brandin's Titles

    Emperor of the 35 Domains, Lord Protector of the Stormy Coast, Seven …

  • Undead Apocalypse

    Twenty years before the events of the campaign, the undead began to rise in huge numbers. They overran the 35 kingdoms that now comprise [[Salish]]. [[King Brandin]] eventually rallied and united the 35 kingdoms to defeat the [[Necromancer]], a …

  • Salish

    Salish is the name of the kingdom where the campaign takes place. It is a rainy country with a stormy ocean shore to the west and mountains to the east. Two powerful elven nations border Salish to the east and south. Salish is the union of 35 different …

  • Necromancer

    The Necromancer was a powerful magic user who was responsible for the [[Undead Apocalypse]]. He lived to the southeast of [[Salish]]. The Necromancer was defeated 20 years before the events of the campaign by [[King Brandin]].

  • Pentlach

    Pentlach is a [[Domain]]. It is ruled by the [[Redcaster Family]] since Brandin removed the [[Pentlach Family]] from power.

  • Redwall

    Redwall is a [[Cities|city]], the capital of the [[Domain]] of [[Pentlach]]. Most of the population of Redwall is dwarves, but there is a substantial human minority. Redwall was home to the first [[Sept]]. Now, the site is known as [[The Temple of the …

  • Kanagan

    Kanagan is a [[Domain]]. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/290728/Kanaghan.png?1391206493(Kanaghan.png)!

  • Lummi


    Lummi is a [[Domain]]. Traditionally, Lummi was allied with Moor and Becher, and antagonistic toward Kinault. Of the three allies, Lummi was the most aggressive. A betrayal by Brandin Moor set in motion the unification of Salish, 24 …

  • Songhess


    Songhess is a [[Domain]]. It has traditionally been a bitter enemy to Satsop, but Entiat conquered much of both Satsop and Songhess 35 years ago, and Songhess has never fully recovered.


    Songhess has about 197 square …

  • Sammish

    Sammish is a [[Domain]]. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/290725/Sammish.png?1391206321(Sammish.png)!

  • Katzie



    Katzie is a [[Domain]].


    Katzie has about 93 square miles of area. Of that, 20 square miles (12800 acres) are …

  • Fraser

    Fraser is a [[Domain]]. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/290724/Fraser.png?1391206254(Fraser.png)!

  • Satsop


    Satsop is a [[Domain]]. For ages, Songhess was Satsop's bitter enemy, but 35 years ago, Entiat fought both and captured a great deal of good farmland from each. Satsop is now a shadow of its former self, and Belinda Satsop despairs of …

  • Kutanei

    Kutanei is a [[Domain]]. It is bordered by [[Mjellmë]] to the north, [[Comox]] to the south, and [[Lilluet]] to the east. Kutanei is an old enemy of Mjellmë. Many wars have been fought between the two over the last few hundred years. Relations with …

  • Cities

    List of Cities

    [[Twana]] [[Kitsap]] [[Halk]] [[Lushoot]] [[Sliammon]] [[Moor]] [[Mjellmë]] [[Leda]] [[Shayfrim]] [[Kallam]] [[Nucksalk]] [[Kinault]] [[Lilluet]] [[Nook]] [[Redwall]] [[Comox]] [[Kanagan]] [[Becher]] [[Lummi]] …

  • Leda

    Leda is the capital city of [[Forks]]. It is still named for the former ruling family, which was disenfranchised by [[King Brandin]] for resisting his reign after the [[Undead Apocalypse]]. The [[Leda Family]] is now destitute, with the lands and titles …

  • Leda Family

    The Leda Family once ruled the Kingdom of Leda. They resisted King Brandin's consolidation of [[Salish]], and after the [[Undead Apocalypse]], the king disenfranchised the Ledas. The capital of the [[Domain]] still bears the family name, but it is now …

  • Elaine Leda

    Elaine is the daughter of [[Paul Leda]](deceased), the former ruler of the [[Domain]] now called [[Forks]]. It was once called [[Leda]], but [[King Brandin]] removed the family from rule in Leda and renamed the Domain after Paul's resistance to the …

  • Kapital



    Kapital is the capital city of [[Salish]]. [[King Brandin|King Brandin Moor]] holds court there. It is the largest city in …

  • Sir Henry Hemmingsworth

    Father to [[Humphrey Hemmingsworth|Humphrey]] and [[Grizena Hemmingsworth|Grizena]], Sir Hemmingsworth is an older (and these days a distinctly eccentric) knight in service to [[Domin Kutanei]]. Though nearly 60 years old, he is still fit and vigorous.

  • Cro Callos

    Cro Callos is the Bailiff of the Broder's Outer Bailey. He is paid by the community to be its defender and to keep the peace. He was asked to assume this role by [[Josk Blackmun]] when the community growing around [[Broder Keep|Broder]] became too large …

  • Josk Blackmun

    Josk Blackmun is the Castellan of Broder Keep. He is charged by the king with command of a detachment of soldiers and repair and maintenance of the castle and fortifications.

  • Sodora Mjellmë

    Sodora Mjellmë is the name of the queen of [[Salish]]. Her marriage to [[King Brandin]] helped seal the treaties that ended conflict between the Domains of Salish and form Salish.