GURPS Murder Hobos

A Meeting on the Road


Stalemate with Goblins
"We'll use him as a battering ram."


Heal and Haul
"This stuff has GOTTA be magic."


Hire a Wagon and the Church of Death
"I don't load the wagon and I don't go in any caves."


Kobold Cave
"Who are these people we're killing? They garden?"


Abandoned Monastery
"I don't eat hybrids."


Fire in the Cave

During their watch, Clint and Powder discover that the prisoners they left tied up in the room beyond the barricade are missing. Ash casually returns, asking, “was that you guys fighting?”

Ash tells them that he was slowed down by some goblins, but then went to a nearby town and rented lodgings. He examines the area where the prisoners were held, and finds evidence that children might have cut them loose.

During the third watch, Reggie sees orcs moving around outside. They bring barrels to a spot above the cave entrance, and pour fluid down into the cave mouth. Reggie decides to wake up Finn to consult him. Sydney, also on watch, now sees the fluid being poured into the cave, and determines that it is lamp oil. He rushes back to where the others are sleeping to awaken them.

Pandemonium errupts. Sydney and Humphrey rush to the cave entrance. Finn tells Reggie to stop tasting the lamp oil. Grizena and Ash start dismantling the barricade that leads further into the cave. Powder stops to think. Clint seizes the skewer with the lamb left from last night and starts eating.

Finn tries to get everyone coordinated. He asks Grizena to look outside and see what is going on. Ash shouts that he’ll look for another way out, and vaults over the barricade. Reggie starts packing up all the equipment and loot in the room where they slept.

Outside, Sydney and Humphrey are brought up short by three orcs with torches, backed by another fifty orcs with bows. They dive back toward the entrance as a volley of arrows flies at them.

In the cave, Finn, Grizena, Humphrey, and Sydney stop at the intersection. Finn begins to pray. Powder shouts out a plan- everyone over the barricade; if someone will light the oil on his mark, he will call up a wind to blow it out at the orcs.

Everyone starts across the rubble. Humphrey comes last, and gets shot a couple of times by arrows. Powder gives the signal, and Clint lights the oil. Powder casts a spell that blows a powerful gale out the tunnel, sweeping away fire, barricade, and bodies toward the cave mouth.

Ash returns, having found a couple of doors. One is trapped, and leads to a store room, the other leads to a bedroom. In the bedroom, Sydney and Grizena look for traps. Sydney spots a tapestry with naked women on it, and pulls it down, thinking it may be valuable. He reveals a hole leading to a hidden room.

While Humphrey and Finn deal with Humphrey’s arrow wounds, Ash enters the hidden room to scout. Ash finds a candle, which he lights, and a set of shelves containing some scrolls. He discovers a secret door that leads to a narrow hallway. Passing the scrolls to Powder, he leads the party down this passage.

The party discovers a room to the right, with tables and cushions. Turning left, the hallway opens up, to a passage scattered with dry leaves. Ash silently navigates the leaves, emerging from the cave behind two orc sentries, who are watching the fire bellow out of the cave to the south. Ash dispatches the two, but not before one of them shouts to the other orcs.

The party climbs up from this cave and out of the canyon. They are pursued by orcs, but lose them in the woods in time. They find the road, and Ash leads the way back to the town he found.

After a brief interview with the gate corporal, the party heads into town. They are too tired to really look around, but pass through a square with a splashing fountain to an inn. Inside, they sit at a table and start sorting loot while the innkeeper prepares rooms for them.

The party assembles.

Humphrey and Grizena Hemmingsworth, Powder, Reggie, and Clint Carver join Ash, Sydney, and Finnegan at their camp site. Humphrey is looking for demons to slay, and wishes to join forces.

When Ash and Grizena go hunting in the evening, Grizena’s falcon returns with a goblin’s hand. The party doubles up the watches that night.

The next day, the party splits up to search the area. Ash, Reggie, and Powder go one way, while Humphrey, Grizena, and Clint go another. Sydney and Finn remain at the camp to wait for Maki.

Ash gets ahead of Powder and Reggie. When they try to catch up, they are ambushed by goblins. After fighting them, the two capture a goblin wearing a strip of black silk similar to the clothes that Ash wears. They return to camp to report.

Grizena’s team tracks a bunch of goblins back to the creek at a good place to ford it. They also return to report.

Maki comes back and tells Sydney that his cousins saw the goblins cross the creek. He leaves after giving Sydney instructions on how to summon him.

The party questions the goblin prisoner, Greegark. He is insulting and uncooperative. When the goblin bites Finn, Sydney stabs him.

The next day, the party goes looking for the goblins and Ash. They are unsure if Ash is in league with the goblins.

Grizena tracks Ash to a road. They follow the goblins’ trail to a box canyon off the road that is filled with caves. Along the road, Finn and Reggie drink some of Reggie’s beer.

As the party examines the cave entrances, they notice that Sydney and Finn are missing. They quickly find Finn asleep where the entered the canyon. Grizena finds Sydney’s tracks, leading to one of the caves.

At the skull-decorated mouth of this cave, the party finds Sydney standing over the body of an orc. They enter the cave, and turn right at a t-intersection. They find five orcs sharpening cheap swords and turning a leg of lamb on a spit. They attack and quickly defeat the orcs.

While searching the bodies, another orc comes to the entrance to the room the party is in. Chasing him past the tunnel toward the cave entrance, the party rushes into a large room with many orcs. They kill many, and eventually capture three survivors.

One of the prisoners fetches some treasure. With the three prisoners tied up, the party makes a barricade at the entrance to the large room from bodies and broken furniture, sets guards, and sleeps in the room where the cook fire and spit remain.

You meet in an inn...
the inn is on fire.

Sydney, Ash, and Finn meet in the still burning ruins of Haven.

The three find many bodies in town, as well as lots of good and other goods.

They meet a boy returning to the village, who is the only survivor.

A merchant named Declay arrives. He agrees to take the boy as an apprentice.

Heading east, the three cross a creek where they meet Maki, a kappa. Sydney befriends the water faerie. Maki tells them that there is a cult that worships a demon nearby. The cultists raid villages for captives.

Maki agrees to ask the other kappas in the river if they know where the cultists might have gone.

Ash, Finn, and Sydney make camp and await Maki’s return.


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