GURPS Murder Hobos

Fire in the Cave

During their watch, Clint and Powder discover that the prisoners they left tied up in the room beyond the barricade are missing. Ash casually returns, asking, “was that you guys fighting?”

Ash tells them that he was slowed down by some goblins, but then went to a nearby town and rented lodgings. He examines the area where the prisoners were held, and finds evidence that children might have cut them loose.

During the third watch, Reggie sees orcs moving around outside. They bring barrels to a spot above the cave entrance, and pour fluid down into the cave mouth. Reggie decides to wake up Finn to consult him. Sydney, also on watch, now sees the fluid being poured into the cave, and determines that it is lamp oil. He rushes back to where the others are sleeping to awaken them.

Pandemonium errupts. Sydney and Humphrey rush to the cave entrance. Finn tells Reggie to stop tasting the lamp oil. Grizena and Ash start dismantling the barricade that leads further into the cave. Powder stops to think. Clint seizes the skewer with the lamb left from last night and starts eating.

Finn tries to get everyone coordinated. He asks Grizena to look outside and see what is going on. Ash shouts that he’ll look for another way out, and vaults over the barricade. Reggie starts packing up all the equipment and loot in the room where they slept.

Outside, Sydney and Humphrey are brought up short by three orcs with torches, backed by another fifty orcs with bows. They dive back toward the entrance as a volley of arrows flies at them.

In the cave, Finn, Grizena, Humphrey, and Sydney stop at the intersection. Finn begins to pray. Powder shouts out a plan- everyone over the barricade; if someone will light the oil on his mark, he will call up a wind to blow it out at the orcs.

Everyone starts across the rubble. Humphrey comes last, and gets shot a couple of times by arrows. Powder gives the signal, and Clint lights the oil. Powder casts a spell that blows a powerful gale out the tunnel, sweeping away fire, barricade, and bodies toward the cave mouth.

Ash returns, having found a couple of doors. One is trapped, and leads to a store room, the other leads to a bedroom. In the bedroom, Sydney and Grizena look for traps. Sydney spots a tapestry with naked women on it, and pulls it down, thinking it may be valuable. He reveals a hole leading to a hidden room.

While Humphrey and Finn deal with Humphrey’s arrow wounds, Ash enters the hidden room to scout. Ash finds a candle, which he lights, and a set of shelves containing some scrolls. He discovers a secret door that leads to a narrow hallway. Passing the scrolls to Powder, he leads the party down this passage.

The party discovers a room to the right, with tables and cushions. Turning left, the hallway opens up, to a passage scattered with dry leaves. Ash silently navigates the leaves, emerging from the cave behind two orc sentries, who are watching the fire bellow out of the cave to the south. Ash dispatches the two, but not before one of them shouts to the other orcs.

The party climbs up from this cave and out of the canyon. They are pursued by orcs, but lose them in the woods in time. They find the road, and Ash leads the way back to the town he found.

After a brief interview with the gate corporal, the party heads into town. They are too tired to really look around, but pass through a square with a splashing fountain to an inn. Inside, they sit at a table and start sorting loot while the innkeeper prepares rooms for them.


Reggie’s view of Fire in the Cave

“During the sleep pictures, Master Sifu spoke good words. He talk of person leading be good for group. His words said “Those whom form together need an anchor. The anchor need not be large or have a high tolerance to Ale, but must have the capacity to lead.” He must talk of small hairy holy man, must he lead then? Reggie call this man “Finfin”. Master Sifu also said “One who thinks with sword from scabbard or one between legs, acts without caution or wisdom and surely endangers all.” Reggie does not yet know what wise Sifu means, Reggie knows he will figure out later wise Sifu words.

Reggie wakes from sleep pictures to the half Ogre person, Reggie call this Bird Ogreman Woman “Grizzy Axe”. This must be Reggies’ time to watch dark light outside mountain hole in case more angry green men come. Reggie not sure of watch friend, Reggie not know him well, no good name for him yet.

It is not long before Reggie spots Angry Green Men with big barrels. Reggie is happy, VERY HAPPY for this could be Happy Reggie Drink!! but Reggie thinks. He thinks hard! “Big barrels either mean a big fun time, or Badda Boom, BIG BADDA BOOM!”. This makes Reggie worry lots, Reggie must wake small hairy smart man now!

Reggie wakes FinFin, but he no smart after drinking Reggies’ “BooBeer” and he tells Reggie to go
away. Trouble stirs with the darkman’s worries, Reggie call him “Shadow”. Shadow leaves soon
into darkness of other room and drops his fun metal things. Reggie then taste the drippy coming from top of hole. Reggie no like taste, this not BooBeer, this also makes FinFin very pale in face and he seem scared. Right then, the Pirate man want all group to run through bad taste drip out into dark. Many people yell, but Pirate man and “Sword Beard” run right outside, no one listen to small smart man FinFin, but Reggie no if group leave, group must have the shineys so Reggie runs into sleep room and grabs all of the shineys. Reggie then sees his good friend “ChubChub” doing what ChubChub does best to the cold burnt meat. Reggie then hears yelling from more than just group friends, sound more of green men! Reggie then sees Grizzy Axe killing wood wall so Reggie goes to help. But Grizzy Axe runs off to Hole opening, so Reggie follows. That when Reggie See Many MANY Green men, more than 5! Stoopid Pirate man no stand down, Pirate man wants to fight all the green men. Reggie has no BooBeer, so Reggie don’t want to fight so many now.

Pirate man finally decides to run back in with SwordBeard, When this happens Reggie now knows big trouble soon, Reggie sees ChubChub just standing by Reggie, Reggie knows ChubChub cannot run like Reggie, so Reggie helps good friend and picks him up to carry. Reggie forgot why he called him ChubChub until Reggie picked ChubChub up. Group is together again at wood wall. Reggie other good friend “Powdy” has big idea. Reggie sets ChubChub on wood wall and makes over it too. Group together now on other side woodwall. Powdy and ChubChub talk some and ChubChub light wood wall on fire! Powdy then make big wind and turn mountain into big fire wind hole! Powdy and ChubChub smart, kill many green men.

Shadow finds big room, Reggie finds funny because its big Green men love room. Pirate man knows this too and steals nakid picture rug from wall. Reggie now call Pirate Man “Syn Pirate” since Pirate man like syns and getting trouble lots of trouble! Reggie remembers wise Sifu words from sleep pictures, Syn Pirate must calm down at times, group must make Syn Pirate calm, maybe with the Turtle Water Head friend.

Syn Pirate also found hole to escape from, Reggie starting to get woozy, Reggie need BooBeer and meditate. Group eventually make it outside and escape angry green men. Group finds big human place, Reggie sleep for now, will meditate and buy bigger BooBeer barrel in the morrow."

Fire in the Cave

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