GURPS Murder Hobos

Apia and the Fae

You have, among you, a wizard.

In the night, Jaxim slips away. Uros Vanye pursues, catches up with him after Jaxim hires Loiker to take him over the river.

When Jaxim slips outside, Tandoro takes the opportunity to make his escape. Ash and Finn pursue him. Finn goes back for help as Ash attacks Tandoro. Finn wakes Sydney, Honus, and Grizena. When they arrive at the river, Tandoro and Ash are fighting.

Uros uses arrows and imbuements to light the boat and Jaxim, burning him alive. Loiker runs for help, shouting for the villagers to wake up.

Ash has ensnared Tandoro by the neck with his kusari-gama, but Tandoro uses it to pull Ash in close, and pulls Ash’s ninja-to. Imbuing it, he slashes through the kusari-gama’s chain, and retreats onto a boat. Ash pursues him, dodging attacks as he presses on. Grizena and Sydney race to help. Sydney wishes to be the one who kills Tandoro, in repayment for his earlier betrayal.

At the ruins, Reggie ends his meditations to find fine spider webs at his knees. He completely freaks out, and runs toward the river, screaming.

Tandoro slashes at Ash, but Ash catches the blade between his palms. He disarms Tandoro, then stuns him with a blow to the jaw by the butt of the ninja-to’s handle. Sydney leaps into the air, soaring above the two. As he flies over, he draws his weapons, and lands behind Tandoro, resting a blade on either side of the half-elf’s neck. Tandoro surrenders.

As Tandoro is subdued, the burning boat that Uros lit floats downriver, Jaxim thrashing aboard it. Villagers are coming out of their houses, awakened by Loiker.

Grizena wants to recapture him an asks him questions. Tandoro feels that he had to escape Justiciar Jaxim at all costs. He feels that Simiobold abandoned him. He offers himself as a servant to Sydney. Sydney has heard enough, though, and beheads him. They notice that the boy who owns the boat was sleeping in the boat, and woke up to witness a fight going on above him. He is drenched in Tandoro’s blood, and seems traumatized.

Loiker and Reggie meet. Villagers are coming out of their houses, armed with torches or polearms. Reggie tells Loiker of spiders in the ruins. Loiker asks Reggie to show him what he has seen, abandoning the chaos at the river.

Ash thanks Sydney for dispatching Tandoro, and tells him that he owes him some small favor. Sydney, his blood still hot from the fight, tells him that he owes nothing. Ash smiles and nods, accepting this. He takes the body downstream to dispose of it, while Sydney calls Maki from the water.

Maki eats Tandoro’s brain while talking to Sydney, Grizena, and Honus. Powder joins them during this conversation, recovering from his illness. He reveals some cryptic information about faeries, and claims to be a part of the winter court himself.

Meanwhile, Reggie and Loiker investigate the ruins. Loiker seems to be convinced that Reggie has let his imagination get the better of him. He persuades Reggie to come back to the village with him.

Reggie rejoins the others while Loiker sends the villagers back to bed. Maki offers to take the party across the Shade, into the Fae. Some of the party agree. Honus and Finn have no interest in this, and retire to the barn.




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