GURPS Murder Hobos

A Favor Asked

We will leave in two days, at dawn.

The party accompanies Justiciar Jaxim Gorsk to Shayfrim and beyond.

On the morning the Justiciar means to leave, there is a delay. Jaxim Gorsk has awakened blind and deaf. While his troops make arrangements, the party waits for them. Ash shows up, casually observing that this will make the risk for the party’s magic users less risky.

The party makes the trip to Shayfrim. Along the way, a unicorn blocks the road. Grizena steps forward to calm it, and it allows the rest of the party to pass.

In Shayfrim, the Domin’s priest and doctor treat Jaxim Gorsk. Honus and Thimil drink and relax after a taxing day marching. Ed buys a wagon and draft horse to haul luggage. Grizena looks for rumors that her brother passed through town. Most of the party avail themselves of the opportunity to have a bath and get laundry done, some having new clothes tailored. Sydney intimidates the Domin into allowing Powder and himself to look over the library.



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